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U9 – Under 9 Program Information

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You’ve watched your little one learn the basics. U9 is the next step to enjoying sports for life.

The Hockey Edmonton U9 Program is for athletes ages 7 to 8 years old. Generally, these athletes will participate in practice and half-ice game play together, within a combined U9 division of play. The U9 division of play is categorized under the Alberta One Standardized Tiering Model (Tier’s 1-6). Please view the Hockey Edmonton U9 Resources web page regarding the Hockey Edmonton U9 program but below are details more specific as to what to expect from North SEERA Hockey.

Program Information:

  • Half-ice games ONLY;
  • U9 Game Format 4 v 4
  • Half-ice/shared-ice practices
  • Hockey Edmonton minimum allocation: 18 games and 18 practices (October – March) ;
  • Games – Weekend Only – can be either Saturday or Sunday
  • Practices – Weekend – can be either Saturday or Sunday and will have 3 to 6 midweek practices (per team, per season) at 5:00 pm or later
  • Participates in Minor Hockey Week (2 games minimum)
  • No score keeping (game sheet), no standings
  • Buzzers for shift change during games, Faceoffs only to start halves
  • No playoffs, Jamboree to finish
  • Modified tiering system (1-6) – allows flexibility, Club’s must have equally blended teams
  • No full-time goalies (a single goalie can play a maximum of 40% of games)
  • No position specialization – all players rotate through every position
  • Smaller than regulation sized nets (sometimes full sized nets) AND blue pucks only (practices and games)

Additional Notes:

  • A child can register in U9 even if they have not participated in Discovery, Jr Timbits, or Sr Timbits.
  • All players are required to contribute seed money (amount varies per team – see below)

Team Specific Information:

*1 – The information below provides more specific detail for each U9 North SEERA team. Depending on the team your player makes after evaluations, you can expect to see some slight changes in cost, time per week, etc.

*2 – After evaluations and the formation of each team, additional fees and seed money are charged at that time and are specific to that team

Team Tier Fees – Base Additional Fee Seed Money (*3) Total Cost
NS 301 2 or 3 $670 $300 (*4) $150 $1120
NS 302 3 or 4 $670   $150 $820
NS 303 4 or 5 $670   $100 $770
NS 304 5 or 6 $670   $100 $770

*3 – Seed money goes towards extra ice times, additional skill development sessions, additional tournaments, team parties, etc.
*4 – Additional fee is for the possibility of development ice sessions with Millwoods 301

General Season Structure

Team NS 301 NS 302 NS 303 / 304
Games 22-24 18-22 18
Practices 28-34 18-22 18
Team Building 1 1 0
Goalie Dev Ice 2 2 0
Approx Days/Week 3-4 2-3 2
Tournaments 2-3 1-2 1
Minor Hockey Week 2 games 2 games 2 games
Year End Jamboree 2 games 2 games 2 games
Practice Jersey and Socks Included Included Included
Team Apparel Not Included Not Included Not Included
Team Gear Not Included Not Included Not included
SEED Money Max $150 $150 $100
Volunteer Credits 2 2 2

Registration Information:

  • A child can register in U9 even if they have not participated in Discovery, Jr Timbits, or Sr Timbits.
  • All players will require an approx. $150 of seed money (amount decided by each team individually) will be required at the beginning of the year.
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