North Seera Hockey has made some changes to the evaluation process this season. This guide is intended to outline the process, and answer the most common questions received from parents and coaches.


This year North Seera will be utilizing an external evaluation company "Sport Evaluations"

Alphabet Preliminary Non-Evaluated Skates:

Before the evaluated sessions, there will be one Alphabet Preliminary Non-Evaluated Skates grouped by last name. This non-evaluated session will allow players who haven't had an opportunity to get on the ice over the summer to have a skate. These sessions are a great chance to get out on the ice before the evaluated sessions.

Technical Skill Evaluation Skates and Game-play Evaluation Skates:

There will be One Technical Skill Evaluation Skates and Three Game-play Evaluation Skates, each grouped by colored pinnies.

Skaters' Placement into Evaluation Color Groups:

Skaters' placement into evaluation color groups is determined by which team they played for in the previous season. If your child did not play last season or is new to North SEERA, they will be assigned to a color group requiring additional numbers to help coordinate the process properly. Category Directors will inform families of which color group their players are in before the evaluation process. Players may be moved up in color groups based on merit after each evaluation skate. Teams will be formed once the final evaluation skate for each color group has taken place.

Goalies' Participation:

Goaltenders will take part in the three game-play evaluation skates. If your child wishes to play as a full-time netminder this season, please confirm their attendance for the goalie evaluation with Leon Burns ( by email and copy the corresponding category director ( in the addressee line. Full-time goaltenders are not required to attend the player technical skates.

Importance of Attendance:

Please review the evaluation schedule and ensure that your child is available on the required dates. Attending each of your player's scheduled evaluation skates is crucial to give them the best opportunity for proper team placement for the upcoming season.