North SEERA Hockey Bingo:

Job Description and Requirements


North SEERA Hockey runs a bingo program to generate profits from volunteer efforts that help reduce the cost of registration and hockey-related expenses for all players in the North SEERA. Here's what you need to know about the program.

Bingo Dates:

The team bingos run from October to March, and each team has only one bingo date. Please refer to the Managers Handbook for the list of teams and their bingo date. The bingo forms with the dates are sent out to the managers at the beginning of the season.

Volunteer Requirements:

North SEERA Hockey does not expect every family to work a bingo for each child they have registered. Instead, each team should supply a predetermined number of volunteers from their team to work their one bingo date. The highest number of volunteers required ever is only 6, from any given team. This number does vary between 4 and 6 depending on the date of the bingo, weekends require more volunteers. The average number of players on the teams is 15, therefore, it should not be difficult to find 6 people. Initiation does not do bingos.

Volunteer Responsibilities:

Bingo workers should be clear about what their shift is and come prepared to represent North SEERA at the bingo with a good work ethic and attitude. North SEERA supplies the bingo workers with a scheduled 1/2 hour break and pays for their meal during this break.

Consequences of Not Showing Up:

We are required to have a minimum amount of workers at each bingo. When workers do not show up, they are not counted towards our requirement, and our association is fined. Each fine has consequences of not only money but can eventually have North SEERA lose further bingo dates or suspensions and, eventually, our association with Parkway Bingo eliminated altogether. Workers that do not show up also put unnecessary responsibility onto others.

Other Volunteer Jobs:

Your team has many other volunteer jobs i.e. Manager, uniforms, time-keepers, etc. Every family should be doing something to help on the team. Please get involved and do your part.

Penalties for Not Meeting Requirements:

These bingos are a requirement of your team, and failure to supply your team's required amount of workers will result in a $250.00 fine to your team. Parkway Policies state that disciplinary action can be taken against our organization. These include: Fined $150.00 for each worker short plus lose our next bingo event, or, fined $150.00 for each worker short PLUS immediate suspension for one year.

Summer Bingo:

North SEERA is proud to be able to offer their members a chance to earn volunteer points by working bingos during the off-season months, April to September, inclusive, which they can use towards registration fees, North SEERA Hockey school or team seed money. These vouchers are valid for one year from the date of issue. If you would like to sign up for a summer bingo, please email and request to be on the email list. We will then contact you to confirm whether or not you are signed up to work the requested bingo(s).