Volunteer Duties

North SEERA Hockey offers organized community hockey for all levels from U7 to U13. We emphasize the development of basic hockey skills, and promote positive attitude towards teamwork, sportsmanship and fair play. The success of the North SEERA hockey program is directly related to the involvement and dedication of our volunteers on individual teams throughout the organization. A very important factor in keeping our fees as some of the lowest in the city of Edmonton is the volunteer commitments made by the families of the players.

When you registered your child with North SEERA, you were required to provide a $250 volunteer commitment deposit cheque. This was required to ensure that each family fulfills their volunteer commitments on each team that a child is registered.

The volunteer commitments will be tracked using a point’s based system. The general guidelines for this point system have been ratified by the North SEERA Executive, and will be tracked by the team manager that has volunteered for each team. In order to completely fill your commitments you must earn 2 volunteer points. Below is the list of team volunteer requirements along with their designated point amount

  • Head Coach: 2 points
  • Team Manager: 2 points
  • Social Organizer: 1 point
  • Team Treasurer: 1 point
  • Fundraiser: 1 point
  • Assistant Coach: 1 point
  • Time Keeper: 1 point
  • Jersey Parent: 1 point
  • Minor Hockey Week: 1 point
  • Parent Liaison: 1 point
  • Bingo: 1 point

Your team manager will assist you in making sure you sign up and fulfill your required volunteer points. Please note that being signed up as an “alternate” for bingo or Minor Hockey Week will not give you any points unless you are called in and attend the commitment. While these are general guidelines, the Team Manager and Head Coach will ultimately be responsible for assigning point values. This discretion is to be used in situations where some parents might share duties, or some parents have contributed more significantly in a role than might normally be required.  You have provided your Volunteer Commitment deposit cheque with the understanding that some volunteer commitments are required of you, If you are unable to fulfill 2 points, using the guidelines North SEERA Hockey will be required to cash your deposit cheque.

By signing this form, you agree that you have read the “North SEERA Volunteer Requirements Agreement”, and understand that if you do not fulfill the volunteer obligations required for each team you have a child registered, your deposit cheque of $250.00 will be cashed by North SEERA Hockey.

Team Managers Please complete this form and have all Families, (at least one parent) sign the document. Once that is completed please return to the North SEERA Manager Liaison. If there are any questions please reach out to the Manager Liaison.

Any appeals or discrepancy between Team Manager and or Head Coach in the criteria of Duties fulfilled by parents will be handled by the North SEERA Board of Directors.

Thank you,
North SEERA Executive.