This program is for more experienced hockey players, who have the ability to skate wearing full hockey equipment, and who have already been introduced to the technical hockey skills. Sessions will occur on the weekends (twice per week), with each session being 60-minutes in length. There are TWO weekly sessions (1-Skill Development Session and 1-Small Area Game Session) to be held on Saturday's and Sunday's. During the Small Area Game Sessions, there will be TWO Small Area Game Zones on each end of the rink, with the middle of the ice being used as an Active Rest/Play Neutral Zone. Instructors will utilize/follow the ProSmart Hockey Learning System for program curriculum. This system is based off of Hockey Canada's Initiation Program Curriculum.

  • 6-year old's as of December 31, or by ability/developmental level;
  • This program focuses on the Development of Technical Skills (Skating, Puck-handling, Passing, and Shooting) and an Introduction to Individual Tactics. There will be a strong emphasis on Skating Skills;
    • Hockey Canada Membership and Insurance coverage;
    • Instruction from Certified Lead Instructors and Support Instructors (1:10 ratio);
    • TIMBITS Uniforms, Medals, and gifts;
    • Group formation of 10-12 players;
    • All sessions to be held on prime-time weekend ice slots;
    • (Once per week) 1-hour shared ice Skill Development Sessions (Rotational Teaching Station Format);
    • (Once per week) 1-hour shared Small Area Game Sessions (with Active Rest/Play Neutral Zone);
    • Cross-Ice Hockey setups for efficient use of ice;
      • No structured game play or score keeping - Pond Hockey rules;
      • No regular goalies;