Funding and Financial Support

General Info / Fees / Payment Options / Refund Policy

We know that these fees can seem overwhelming for families. Kidsports is a great option for families that may qualify pleases visit there website for more information

North SEERA also has monthly bingos that families can work to receive vouchers that can be applied to their fees. Please check out our website under Bingos at or email Sheri at for more information.


KidSport Edmonton provides support for families facing financial barriers so they can participate in registered sport programs.

For the 2022-2023 season KidSport has announced the KidSport Oil Country Hockey Assist Program that will cover full fees and equipment for qualified players.

Please note that you must be registered online with Confed Hockey prior to making an application to KidSport. Payment does not need to be made at time of registration.

Please let us know at North Seera Hockey that you are applying for KidSport when you register.

The best way to apply for KidSport is through the Online KidSport Application.

You can also email KidSport directly with any questions.

Other Funding Options

In addition to KidSport, there are other organizations that offer funding:

North Seera Hockey also offers a Bingo program to help with individual family fundraising towards Registration Fees.