Police Check Info and Forms


One of the tools North SEERA can use to ensure the safety of our children is to require a Police Information Check with Vulnerable Sector Search of any adult who plans to be a part of the training or coaching staff of one of our teams. It is mandatory and no individual will remain assigned to a NSH team unless an application has been completed and approval obtained prior to November.  This includes head coaches, assistant coaches, and trainers. There is no cost to you for this process. The fee is paid for by North SEERA.

Approvals are valid for up to 3 years and NSH maintains a list of coaches in good standing (you must re-apply every three years).

A Police Information Check is an effective tool for volunteer organizations assessing risk and determining suitability of prospective volunteers.   A Police Check conducted by the Edmonton Police Service contains the following information, which is provided on a letter with the Edmonton Police Service seal:

  • Criminal convictions, as provided by the Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC)
  • Charges pending or presently before the courts, as provided by the Alberta Justice Online Network (JOIN)
  • Edmonton Police Local Records – This may include information relating to a suspected criminal offence without charges.  For example, an individual identified as a suspect in a sexual offence but not charged, will not be shown on a criminal record check, but will be appear on a police information check.

The results of a Police Information Check are only disclosed to the applicant.  A Police Information Check only provides the information required for a volunteer organization to make an informed decision regarding the suitability of an applicant and should not be the only factor accounted for when considering an applicant for volunteer purposes.

Police Information Checks are NOT accepted from private "Police Check" services. Only local Police Agency checks will be accepted.


If a coach has recently moved to Edmonton with in the last year, a Police Information Check (with Vulnerable Sector Search) from the Police Service in jurisdiction of the former address (ie. RCMP, Calgary Police Service, etc). The results letter of this Police Information Check must be emailed to policechecks@northseera.ca .


If a selected coach has lived in Edmonton for a year or longer, coaches are asked to email the North SEERA Hockey Police Checks Coordinator at policechecks@northseera.ca with the following information:

1. Legal name (on driver's licence)

2. Prefered email address.

3. Team name/identifier they will coach.

4. Position: head coach, assistant or other.

A link to the Edmonton Police Service online Police Information Check site will be emailed to the coach (payment already made).

You will require two pieces of Government issued ID (one being photo ID) to complete the Police Information check application.

Acceptable forms of Identification include: Driver’s Licence, Citizenship Card, Passport, Social Insurance Card, National Defence Card, Birth Certificate, Permanent Resident Card, Indian/Metis Status Card, Health Care Card, Firearms licence etc.


The Police Information Check results letter is sent to the email the coach provided. They ARE NOT sent to North SEERA. For the process to be completed, coaches must forward the results to policechecks@northseera.ca for the coach's profile to be updated. We are only concerned about criminal history that poses a risk to the safety of our players and a healthy environment.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the policechecks@northseera.ca


Dale McDonald
North SEERA Hockey
Police Check Coordinator and NSH Executive Board