SEERA Coach Mentorship Program

SEERA Coach Mentorship Program

Coach mentoring services can be tailored to address the unique needs of an individual coach, group of coaches or an entire association. We use a variety of methods to optimize the results of the mentoring process and to help ensure that we are providing each coach the direction, support and resources that (s)he requires. Coaches, just like players, have many questions and a desire to learn and grow within their chosen position.

  • How to deal with parent/ player concerns.
  • How do I effectively plan my practices?
  • How can I efficiently make use of ice time and space?
  • How should I make use of my assistants?
  • How do I effectively teach skating, passing or shooting?

An other area we can help with is -how to use progression to teach hockey skills and tactics, such as passing, shooting and puck handling.

I can help address these and many of the other questions which coaches have with respect to planning and running their hockey seasons and individual practices.

If you’re a coach looking to increase his/her knowledge please contact me. We can arrange for me to come out to one of your practices, where you can shadow myself and learn how to teach the skills and tactics.


  • Passing, both making and receiving, stationary, movement, lateral, multi-tasking
  • Stickhandling , shooting, slap shot, wrist shot, snap shot, back hand, in tight flip shot
  • Small group drills, Individual/team tactical elements, system work
  • Flow Drills, Individual and team tactical drills, small area games
  • Puck skills, developing game awareness, ice and gap awareness,
  • Play away from the puck, angling, stick and body awareness
  • Defensive zone awareness, neutral zone, offensive zone entry, set up, attack triangle, mid drive,    give and go, cycling ,net drives, delays, PP, PK, faceoff set ups all 3 zones.
  • Puck protection, situational drills and games, defending
  • Body checking, checking, battle drills, stick checks, board and open ice contact

Open to all teams in under the SEERA umbrella (SEERA, North SEERA and Millwoods).  

SEERA to cover the costs associated with this program (ice and instruction).

Contact SEERA’s development director Tony Orsini 

Tony Orsini

(780) 289-0487