Minor Hockey Week 2024

“Minor Hockey Week” in Edmonton, Alberta, is an annual event that celebrates and showcases youth hockey in the region. It typically involves a week-long series of tournaments, games, and events specifically dedicated to young hockey players in the minor leagues. During this week, teams from various age groups and skill levels come together to compete, fostering sportsmanship, skill development, and a sense of community among players, coaches, and families involved in minor hockey. It’s a time when the spotlight is on these young athletes, providing them with opportunities to showcase their talents and passion for the sport while enjoying the camaraderie of the hockey community.

Please note each team:  This year again each home team will supply a timekeeper and scorekeeper for your own games (as you would during regular season). EACH team will supply a shift checker for each game they play in. Please have these team volunteers check in with the Arena Manager when they arrive at the arena so they are aware of them and for any instructions
For more information about Minor Hockey Week here is the link to the latest information: